My name is Heidi and I am the owner of

I have worked in the Human Resources industry my entire career and I have spent over 11 years working for a Fortune 10 company (who is my current employer to this day).

I have literally interviewed thousands of people which means I have reviewed thousands of resumes, cover letters, resignation letters, promotion letters, and any other formal communication standard in use within corporate America.

I have interviewed and hired to fill positions from field workers, call-center representatives, high-level technical engineers, strategic business leaders, and executives.

Throughout my entire career, I have noticed a continual theme no matter who I talk to people need help articulating their experience, skill sets and accomplishments! That is exactly why I have created Funny enough, I typically find myself helping candidates beef up their resume bullet points to really market themselves to job recruiters.

This site is my practical application of years of industry experience and to pass along that knowledge to as many people as possible at a fair price to help people enter or advance their careers.

I hope you find a helpful product on my site that will benefit you. Whether you are striving to be hired into a job, seeking a promotion, crafting a reference letter, moving onto a new opportunity, or retiring – I pray I am able to help you along your journey.