On the other hand, some people have employment gaps due to disability. About 19.1% of disabled people in the U.S experience employment gaps in their resumes. It means people with disabilities find it challenging to get jobs. Explaining your disability during an interview is critical. How to explain that you’ve been off work due to a disability It has been challenging for most disabled individuals to get jobs. However, when employers invite them for interviews, they become overwhelmed. Do you know how to explain gaps in employment due to disability? Here are a few tips that can help you during your next interview. Stay CalmRead More →

The Prepared Resume - Can Employers Find Out If You Were Fired

Can employers find out if you were fired? Not only is this a frustrating question, but it also gives you anxiety when you don’t get a satisfactory answer. Don’t worry at all! In today’s article, we will provide you with the most accurate solution, so you can take necessary actions and streamline your situation. Will a background check show you were fired? Finding the best candidate requires a combination of multiple practices. After a job opening, companies advertise for vacancies and instigate certain requirements, such as a resume and a few interviews, to find the right candidate. Besides qualifications and skills needed for a job,Read More →

The Prepared Resume - Can Employers Find Out Your Work History

Can employers find out your work history? Submitting resumes, participating in networking events, and improving interview skills are essential elements of a job search process. However, many job seekers forget about background checks. There are various reasons companies run background checks. For example, if they see you come to the office late or are irresponsible with the tasks and projects, they will consider you a liability. Most companies run a background check to protect their businesses from employees’ negligence. At the same time, they want to protect themselves from lawsuits that damage the company’s reputation. Let’s take a deeper look. Ways Your Employer Can FindRead More →

The Prepared Resume - What Is The Highest Paying Job - A Detailed Analysis

Careers offer us a million chances across the globe. While other careers offer low remuneration packages, other job packages are awesome. The highest paying job depends on a number of factors from your desired field of profession, security, job satisfaction, add-ons, career scope, etc. However, choosing a career path can be exhausting physically and mentally. You need to be informed about the entire life cycle of every profession to decide which one you want to go for. You also need to be passionate about the career of your choice, to avoid frequent mental blocks. Remuneration is one of the vital factors to consider while agreeingRead More →