How to Handle a Gap on Your Resume

The Prepared Resume: How to Handle a Gap on Your Resume

Your resume is going to play a major role in your success in securing a job. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are equipped with a resume that is perfect for you. However, there are numerous challenges that you will have to face when you are trying to create your own perfect resume. Gaps in employment hold a prominent place. Your ideal resume demonstrates that you have been continuously engaged in your field throughout history. However, if not handled correctly, the gaps in your resume can keep you away from crafting your own perfect resume. Have no fear because there are several actions you can take to have the job recruiter focus on your experience and not an employment gap. Keep reading and let me show you how.

How to draw attention away from the gaps

At the time of preparing the resume, you will be able to design it according to the way you want. You should take maximum advantage out of it to make the gaps in your resume look less obvious. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to make any gap look less obvious.

Use only years on the resume

At the time of listing your previous experiences on the resume, there is no need to list both month and year. Instead, consider including only the year and leaving the months off of the resume entirely. For example, assume that you have been working for a business from March 2018 to April 2019, but were unemployed until November. Then you will be able to include that experience from 2017 to 2019. This would help you to minimize attention to the 8 month gap. During an interview, you probably will not be asked to provide any detailed information about it. Hence, you will not even come across the need to explain a gap.

Stick to a good format

There are numerous formats available for you to use on the resume. If you are in this scenario where you want to be honest about your employment history but also want to be honest, use one of our resume templates. I say that because this is one of the issues I have in mind when creating resume templates. I format them in such a way that you have the flexibility to show your employment history appropriately. If you are interested head over to my Resume and Cover Letter Template bundle page. I believe these templates can provide the flexibility you need.

Things to look for in a flexible resume template is a format that will help you to put the dates in a smaller text. Then the dates will be less noticeable on the resume. Instead, a person who is going through your resume will quickly go through the past work experiences you have. Hiring managers are usually busy with their work and they will not go through each and every word that you have included in the resume. Always remember: Most people that review your resume will only scan it and will not read it word for word. Therefore, use this to your advantage out of it and make the gap look less obvious.

There are numerous resume templates that you can use when preparing a resume. And I know I mentioned this already but take a look at what is available at The Prepared Resume because I really do believe it will benefit you.

Refrain from including employment history that is not applicable

It is even possible for you to refrain from including a job or two in the resume. There is no need to state all the previous work experiences you had, especially if they are not relevant. By not including such work experiences, you will be able to get the resume to look more relevant and modern to communicate your skills are applicable and up to date. Moreover, you can use it to take the focus away from any employment gaps in your resume as well.


The most important thing to mention and to keep in mind is this: ALWAYS BE HONEST! I have read many resumes where candidates are intentionally confusion in an attempt to hide an employment gap. Make sure you clearly communicate on your resume. You do not have to volunteer up a bunch of unnecessary information but also be forthcoming if asked direct questions and ensure your resume represents your moral character. If it doesn't, you aren't the person for the job.

Apply this knowledge:

Do you need to start and write the resume now that you know how to handle any of your employment gaps? If so grab my resume template bundle as well as my e-book on how to ace your resume and you will be ready to craft your resume so that you can get noticed and get hired.

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