Ace Your Resume E-Book


Job hunting? Beefing up your resume and cover letter to prepare for your next career opportunity?  Purchase The Prepared Resume e-book to learn effective resume and cover letter writing to craft your resume and get noticed and get hired!

This e-book covers various topics (see more in the description below) to help you understand the parts of resumes, cover letters, and bullet points that market your skills and experience to land your next job.


Are you looking for help with your resume or cover letter but don't know where to start?  Start right here! I created this resume writing guide to help you on your journey. The book provides a good overview of all necessary topics when it comes to all things resume, cover letter, bullet points, resume format, presentation and more.   There is an entire chapter dedicated to resume formatting and the 3 most common types of resumes.

Next Steps as You Write Your Resume:

In addition to my e-book on how to ace your resume grab my resume and cover letter template bundle to put you on the immediate path to get noticed and get hired.


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