Church and Ministry Reference Letter Template


Church and ministry is an an area where relationships are paramount to build trust.  And in order to build trust, getting to know a candidate for a job or ministry position is crucial!

I put together this Church and Ministry Reference Letter Template just for that reason.  Purchase this template today and send it to your references so they can write out your letter of recommendation. You can even use it as a pastoral recommendation letter!

And as a bonus I'll even throw in a free character reference template letter!

When you purchase a template or bundle: Included with the template are instructions on how to populate the template as well as tips on what to focus on as you fill in the template.


Church and Ministry is an area where I have helped various people throughout the years.  And quite frankly, the communication mediums are often different than what is standard in the the secular, corporate marketplace.  Requests to review reference letters for churches or ministries have come across my desk many times.  That is why I have created this completely separate ministry reference letter.

I am also including a free character reference template letter.  Often times, ministry positions will require additional references or recommendations of those not in a specific kind of ministry.  This is common place because having a wide range of people have input on a person's character is extremely valuable.  The character reference letter included with your purchase allows friends, mentors, family members and others to write a formal recommendation.

Included with your purchase:

  1. Church and/or Ministry Reference Letter Template – The purpose of this template is when someone is seeking a job within a church or a ministry.  This can be for a pastor, department lead, or administrative or support staff.  This template can also be used to serve as a Pastoral Letter of Good Standing (that many churches require when a pastor is hired).  This reference letter can be distributed to the job seeker's references to be populated on the job seeker's behalf. This template can also be used as a pastoral recommendation letter to a ministry seeking a pastor or it can be used as a church letter of recommendation.
  2. FREE: Character Reference Template – This is a slightly different take on the ministry reference letter template.  The ministry reference letter serves as a recommendation based upon a job seeker's ministry experience.  This character reference template is specifically intended to recommend a candidate based on their character and moral background.

Note: All templates are provided in both Microsoft Word .docx and .dotx format unless specified otherwise.


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