Resignation Letter Bundle – Career Specific Templates


Do you have a promotion opportunity?  Are you considering a career change?  Or maybe you are making a difficult decision to leave a teaching job or church or ministry role. These types of career driven changes that lead to resignations need to be handled with professionalism and gratefulness.

This template bundle handles various career driven resignations.  See more in the description below but here are the 4 resignation templates included:

  1. Resignation Due to A Promotion
  2. Resignation Due to A Career Change
  3. Resignation from a Church or Ministry
  4. Teacher Resignation

When you purchase a template or bundle: Included with the template are instructions on how to populate the template as well as tips on what to focus on as you fill in the template.


Here are the 4 different resignation letter templates included in this bundle and their intended use:

  1. Resignation Due to A Promotion – This is EXCITING and I hope everyone needs to purchase this bundle simply to have access to this template!! Promotions can be a fantastic change for you so make sure you have the formality and documentation to match your new role and increased salary! This template is not a resignation from a company or business, but rather a resignation from your previous job role. The whole intent here is to show appreciation to your previous manager.
  2. Resignation Due to A Career Change – A career change is a very big deal.  It can be an even bigger deal in your life if you have been in your current career for any significant length of time. If you are changing careers you are clearly considering the impacts to your professional growth.  Use this template to notify your current employer about your intended exit from your current role.  This template clearly communicates that you are appreciative to your current manager and company while informing them that your change is driven by an entire career change.
  3. Resignation from A Church or Ministry – Leaving a ministry position can be difficult as it is so do not make it more difficult than it already is.  You want to leave your ministry position with grace and two weeks notice is still the norm for a notice period.  You will want to use this resignation letter template to ensure you demonstrate your care and concern for the ministry while keeping relationships open and not causing unnecessary harm as you transition out of your ministry role.
  4. Teacher Resignation – Leaving a teaching job is never easy especially when you care about your students because you are deeply invested in their success. Teaching is a profession where respect and professionalism are still paramount in todays working culture. Use this template to show your appreciation and respect for your school, peers, and administration.


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