Resignation Letter Bundle – Life Circumstance Templates


Look, I get it. We all have a life. Our jobs are not our life and they should not be. Hear me loud and clear on this: Our jobs are not who we are, but rather they are something that we do.

There will inevitably be life circumstances that change and a change in your role, job, or status with your company is affected because of it. Instead of being stressed out and negatively affected by it, I have created this bundle to remove a bit of stress from your life.  See more in the description below but here are the 6 templates included:

  1. For retirement
  2. For resignations that are written from your heart
  3. For resignations that occur because you are going back to school
  4. For resignations that are due to family related circumstances
  5. For resignations that are sickness or chronic illness related
  6. For resignations that are effective immediately

Regardless of the template you use, I want this bundle to take stress out of your life so you can focus on what is important in your life.

When you purchase a template or bundle: Included with the template are instructions on how to populate the template as well as tips on what to focus on as you fill in the template.


Here are the 6 different resignation letter templates included in this bundle and their intended use:

  1. Retirement – For when you have put in your time and are ready to move on to the next phase of your life: post career! This is an exciting time so celebrate it as such!
  2. From the Heart – I guarantee there will be times when you MUST undergo a change in your professional life but it can be difficulty because it is bittersweet. Leaving a job you have enjoyed for a long time can be difficult. Express your honest thoughts so your employer knows that you have thoroughly enjoyed your role and want to be considered as a re-hire in the future if the situation ever occurs.
  3. Back to School – For the time me when you have to make a job change to go (back) to school. If you are making this change then you are serious about growing your career and this template will communicate that clearly.
  4. Family Related – Just like the “From the Heart” template, this template expresses the right amount of information to your employer that lets them know you have to make a change to do what is best for your family. Remember, your job can replace you, your family cannot.
  5. Sickness/Illness Related – I have seen it before but there are the scenarios where a job change must be made due to illness, sickness, or injury. These changes are difficult enough so use this template to make it a bit easier on you if this is your scenario.
  6. Effective Immediately – I have to be honest, there are scenarios where it is best for you and/or your employer that you both move on and end the business relationship effective immediately. Sometimes it is unavoidable.  There can be scenarios where it's best for the employee to exit stage left immediately due to personal reasons.  But sometimes, the reasons are bad and both parties just need to cut bait.  But there other times when you, as an employee, want to leave you job immediately out of frustration or some other reason that your employer may not agree with.  (If that last scenario is you, let me be clear: This template should be your last option! I say that because if you hit the “nuclear” button there is no undoing it. So if you have to use it, be sure you have done everything you are willing to do because severing a working relationship like this can be emotionally impactful on all parties.)

Note: All templates are provided in both Microsoft Word .docx and .dotx format unless specified otherwise.


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