Resignation Letter Bundle – Two Week Notice Templates


Need to tell your boss you quit without burning a bridge?  Great idea! Resist the urge and do not burn the bridge.  To do so, make sure you provide formal written notice to your current employer of your plans and your timing.

In in this resignation letter bundle I have included a templates to fit the majority of scenarios observed throughout my career.  Not every resignation is the same which means the information provided should be specific to you, your role, and the organization you will be leaving.

See more in the description below but here are the 4 resignation templates included:

  1. Basic Notice
  2. Formal Notice
  3. Professional Notice
  4. Email Notice

When you purchase a template or bundle: Included with the template are instructions on how to populate the template as well as tips on what to focus on as you fill in the template.


Here are the templates included in the two week notice resignation letter bundle and their intended use:

  1. Basic Notice – This is the most basic template that can be used for scenarios where there is not much to say or your role or company is less formal in nature.
  2. Formal Notice – This template is the GO TO template for the majority of resignations that occur. It is succinct, respectful and factual.
  3. Professional Notice – This template is an “upgrade” the formal notice where more professionalism is needed. This template fits perfectly for those in white collar roles in a leadership role.
  4. Email Notice (included as a .msg and .oft that are compatible with Microsoft Outlook) – When is comes to your resignation I recommend you always write a formal letter like one of the 3 templates above. There are scenarios where a resignation in the email body are completely acceptable and that is the intent of this template.

Note: All templates are provided in both Microsoft Word .docx and .dotx format unless specified otherwise.


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