How to Explain Gaps in Employment Due To Disability

The Prepared Resume - How to explain gaps in employment due to disability

Anyone can have employment gaps due to disability. About 19.1% of disabled people in the U.S. experience employment gaps in their work history reflected on their resume. Therefore, people with disabilities can find it challenging to get jobs. When someone in this unfortunate circumstance lands an interview, explaining gaps during employment history is critical.

How to explain that you've been off work due to a disability

It can be challenging for most disabled individuals to get jobs. However, when employers invite them for interviews, it can be overwhelming. Do you know how to explain gaps in employment due to disability? Here are a few tips that can help you during your next interview.

Stay Calm and Positive

Do not panic when asked about your employment gaps. Gaps in employment are what most disabled individuals fear saying most. You can prove your statement with a genuine excuse.

Keep your worries away, stay calm and remain positive during the interview. tell the interviewer about your disability and strictly the truth. Maintain an authentic, brief, and professional conversation.

Stay Strong during the Interview

Make your disability an advantage for your abilities. You should be brief. Avoid too many details about your accident, injury, illness, or other disability. Give a direct explanation about why you have gaps in employment.

Likewise, focus on your strengths and skills. Convince the interviewer that your disability won't hinder you from producing excellent performance. Focus on your skills, experience, and achievements. The employer will likewise appreciate your positive mindset, honesty and professionalism.

Discuss your Unemployment Gap

Talk about improving your skills during the unemployment period. Explain your agony and pain: besides, you were learning new skills during your recovery phase. It creates a positive impression on the interviewer.

it will show your discipline and commitment to working with their company.  You can also discuss your work from home experiences and how you managed to accomplish several projects for your previous employer.

Do employers look past your long unemployment for disability?

Employers review resumes carefully and looks for gaps in the employment history. Besides, they perform a thorough background check to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the position and the company.

If there are gaps in your employment for reasons other than disability, your prospective employer won't disregard them. For example, if the gap is due to criminal offences, higher chances are that the employer rejects your application.

On the other hand, disability is a genuine reason to have gaps in your employment history. In that case, some employers will look past the gaps, while others may ask what happened that led to your disability.

Don't worry about your disability. Remember, honesty is a great virtue during an interview.

Should you bring your health report to prove your statement?

Although most employers will verify the information themselves, carry your report just in case they ask for it. Bear in mind that employers will ask for your permission before reviewing your medical records.

Employers can't request the hospital or clinic to disclose information about you without your permission.

remember to ask your prospective employer to keep the information confidential. The purpose is to maintain and prove your integrity. Rather, you don't want others to know about what happened, so you ask for confidentiality. I believe bringing a health report to the interview is a helpful way to prove your statement. It will increase your hiring chances.

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