What To Wear To A Job Interview

The Prepared Resume: What To Wear To A Job Interview

What to wear to a job interview? Dressing for your job interview is as essential as creating a high-quality CV and perfecting your skills. It is important to make a good first impression when meeting an employer. The first impression showcases your personality and professionalism. It lets the employer know that you have taken the extra step to streamline your professional image. In today’s article, we will answer what to wear to a job interview.

What to wear to a job interview?

  • Dressing professionally and according to the company requirements will:
  • Demonstrate respect for your potential employer
  • Leave a lasting impression on the recruiting manager
  • Prove that you are serious about taking the position
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence

Men’s Business Professional

What to wear to a job interview if you are a male individual? Experts recommend two-piece suits, such as trousers, jackets, ties, and button-down shirts. The suggested colors are white or blue light for shirts and dark brown, dark grey, or navy suits.

Make sure you wear a long-sleeved, collared, and button-down jacket. Wear calf-length socks and polished leather shoes. Make sure your sock color matches your shoe color. Suggested colors are dark blue, dark grey, and black. Your belt should also match your shoe color.

Men’s Business Casual

We recommend khakis, slacks, sports coats, blazers, and V-neck sweaters. You can also wear polo shirts, button-down jackets, and pants. It is acceptable to wear more color shirts. However, make sure they are button-up and collared.

Avoid wearing loud colors and pattern shoes. Even if you wear pattern shoes, make sure they are leather. Likewise, your oxfords belts should match your shoes. You don’t have to wear a tie.

What to wear to a job interview – Quick Tips for Men

We suggest quality silk ties. Avoid striking patterns and colors, and your suit should fit appropriately. Make sure your trousers do not drag on the ground. Your suit jacket must not extend past knuckles. Business casual dresses for men are different depending on the company or industry. Keep your dress neutral and classic.

Women’s Business Professional

What to wear to a job interview if you are a female individual? Experts suggest suits (pants, jackets, blouses, skirts). The suggested colors are navy, black, dark brown, dark grey for suits, solid color, ivory, or white for shirts.

Remember, your suit, jacket, pants, and skirts should match in color. However, you can wear different colors of blouses or shirts. Make sure you wear long-sleeved shirts or blouses, and they must be plain without design.  It is crucial to wear closed-toe shoes, and they must match your clothing color. We suggest dark grey, navy, black, and neutral.

Women’s Business Casual

Wear a jacket or blazer, pants, shirt, dresses, blouses, shirts, or sweaters. Avoid wearing loud colors. Remember, your pants, jackets, and skirts don’t need to match your blouses or sweaters. You can pair your subtle prints with skirts and pants. It is crucial to wear closed-toe shoes, such as wedges, heels, or flats, in neutral colors.

What to wear to a job interview – Quick Tips for women

Avoid low-cut shirts, gapping buttons, and revealing fabrics. Sit in your skirt or dress before wearing it to make sure it fits wells. Make sure your pants do not drag on the ground. Try on your heels before wearing them for the interview. Opt for a comfortable height and length, and the general rule of thumb is to keep your clothing neutral and classic.

Additional Suggestions
HairA well-groomed hairstyle, shaven face, or well-groomed beardOut-of-face, well-groomed, and conservative styles
NailsNo polish, neat and trimmedNeat and trimmed, soft and neutral-colored polish
ClothingSocks match the color of your shoes and clean, polished shoesClean and polished shoes and avoid wearing heels above 2.5 inches
Accessories or MakeupConservative watch, no jewelry, and simple beltsNo heavy makeup. Wear conservative jewelry


Professional business clothing is your best option for the job interview. If you have the interview in an office setting, plan and assemble your wear the night before your job interview. The purpose is to pick the appropriate outfit and avoid rushing before the interview.

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