Can I Put Udemy Courses On My Resume? Is It Beneficial?

The Prepared Resume - Can I Put Udemy Courses On My Resume

Can I put Udemy courses on my resume? Many people have asked about this question. Experts claim that Udemy is not an accredited institution, meaning these courses won’t make a great impact on your resume. On the contrary, the skills you learn after completing courses can help increase your hiring chances. Read on!

Do employers consider Udemy courses education?

Most employers lack recognition of Udemy courses and certifications. Udemy is not an accredited institution. It means your Udemy courses do not count toward college education or University credit hours. For example, if you want to apply for an job in the academic field, these courses won’t directly help get you hired.

However, Udemy can greatly help when applying for remote and online jobs. You can greatly benefit by obtaining Udemy certifications and touting those achievements when applying to jobs such as computer programming, graphics designing, and related roles in the technology industry. Udemy certificates obviously showcase your skills but I believe they have an even greater positive impact because they demonstrate your initiative and your desire to learn. Those 2 soft skills are extremely important to prospective employers.

When you complete a Udemy course you are awarded a Udemy certification. I recommend you include the certification name or title on your resume under the certifications section on your resume. When you show how you go above and beyond to learn and perfect your craft tells hiring managers a lot about you. Quite frankly, pursuing and obtaining Udemy certifications may demonstrate to a prospective employer that you are indeed a valuable asset that they should add to their company.

Are Udemy courses even worth it for getting a job?

Many people take advantage of online learning platforms, such as Udemy, to improve their skills. The purpose is to obtain additional certifications and increase knowledge. Bear in mind that skills relevant to the job on your resume play a crucial role in increasing your hiring chances.

So, I believe Udemy courses are worth it for getting a job. Although some employers don’t consider Udemy courses, others do pay attention to these courses. Udemy courses can increase your chances of landing a job if you add them correctly to your resume. At the same time, if the interviewer asks you relevant questions, you must answer them accurately.

Research shows that employers have started to realize the significance of additional skills. For example, if you are a computer programmer learning cloud computing skills through the Udemy website will benefit you.

Should you put Udemy courses on your resume?

While some people discourage job seekers from including Udemy courses on their resumes, I encourage everyone to add them to their job applications. There are numerous benefits of completing Udemy courses, such as:

  • Learning additional skills
  • You believe in self-motivation and make efforts to learn new skills
  • Attract more recruiters through LinkedIn profile
  • It shows that you can set goals and make efforts to achieve them

Although Udemy courses can’t solely help you get a job, they play a crucial role in the hiring process. I believe employers today focus on your skills rather than education. So, completing Udemy courses is all about improving your skills, meaning they can help increase your hiring chances.

Therefore, I recommended adding Udemy courses to your resume. These won’t harm your resume. If you want to increase your hiring chances, make sure you complete a course and acquire relevant skills. For instance, graphic designers position can learn relevant skills, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, logo designing, etc.

Research the company and get information about the job. If the interview date is two to three weeks from now, subscribe to a relevant course on your resume. Some courses on Udemy are less than a week. So, it is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your resume or job application.


Yes, you must do this! I believe there is nothing wrong with Udemy courses. Don’t worry about whether the online platform has an accredited status; focus on learning new skills. Even if you don’t get the job, these courses can provide you with a wide range of opportunities in future.

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