Can Employers Find Out If You Were Fired?

The Prepared Resume - Can Employers Find Out If You Were Fired

Can employers find out if you were fired? Not only is this a frustrating question, but it also gives you anxiety when you don’t get a satisfactory answer. Don’t worry at all! In today’s article, we will provide you with the most accurate solution, so you can take necessary actions and streamline your situation.

Will a background check show you were fired?

Finding the best candidate requires a combination of multiple practices. After a job opening, companies advertise for vacancies and instigate certain requirements, such as a resume and a few interviews, to find the right candidate. Besides qualifications and skills needed for a job, most employers conduct a thorough background check. The purpose is to ensure they make an informed decision that affects the future of the company positively.  

What Are Background Checks?

Background Check

Background checks are an essential aspect of the job recruiting process. These checks allow employers to gain enough information and decide on the right candidate. Also, employers perform background checks to know whether you have a criminal record or your financial position pose risks to the company.  

The question is: Can Employers Find Out If You Were Fired? According to research, background checks do not reveal your employment termination. However, these checks enable employers to gain relevant information about prospective employees. Remember, companies lack access to your private employment record. Let us now delve into this topic and give you some more details.  

Reasons Employers Perform Background Checks  

Studies show that over 96% of companies rely on background checks. The purpose is to streamline the pre-employment investigation and determine the suitability of a candidate.

During the application process, your prospective employer will ask you to agree to a background check. It is an essential aspect or condition of employment. Even after employment, background check’s results can be used to terminate your position, especially if they find something contrary to company’s regulations.  

Many employers use background checks to protect their companies and add an extra security layer. That way, employers ensure the potential employee does not negatively impact the company’s operations.  

Types of Background Checks Employers Run  

Can employers find out if you were fired? Although a background check do not reveal your personal employment record, employers can dig deep and find information about your termination.  

Background checks often include searching the local, state, and national records by analyzing the databases. The primary reason to perform a background check is to determine the criminal record of a potential employee.  

In some situations, employers often ask their prospective employees to submit their fingerprints. That way, they streamline the criminal record search and obtain more details. Besides, some background checks also include social security number scanning. Employers perform this to analyze your financial issues and credit scores.  

In addition, companies also verify their prospective employees’ academic credentials and driving records. other background checks are for certain the character of a person, whether an alcohol or drug addict.  

Will Termination Show Up?  

We have already answered this question. Termination usually does not show up on your background check. However, your employer may find out about it, depending on the type of background check they conduct. Likewise, it varies from one situation to another.  

For example, some employers ask candidates to mention the reason for leaving their current jobs. Remember, it is often problematic for people to mention the cause, as they fear being left unhired.   

Regardless of your previous termination, employers are understanding and won't disqualify you on such grounds. However, if your last employer had fired you and lied about it, you will reduce your chances of getting hired.  

Do You Have To Disclose If You Were Fired? 

It is unnecessary to disclose information about your previous termination. However, if the employer finds out about it and asks for it, be honest about what happened. Honesty and integrity, are elements your prospective employer appreciates.  

In addition, you increase your chances of getting hired when speaking the truth. Although it may seem a little bizarre, this works for most people.  

The truth always reveals itself during the interview or through background checks by contacting your references. So, it is wise, to tell the truth, if the interviewer asks about it. Otherwise, staying silent is the best option.  

How Do I Explain Being Fired In An Interview? 

Disclosing information about your termination is challenging because it affects your personality and can reduce your hiring chances. That’s why most candidates stay silent or lie when asked about their previous termination. Remember, you must not do this. Here are a few tips to explain being fired in an interview.  

Focus on the Right Timing  

When you lie about your termination, it will reduce your chances of getting hired. Your prospective employer will find out about your termination soon during the reference check process. Although you can tell the interviewer about your termination, make sure the timing is right.  

Experts recommend avoiding this information during a job application. for instance, your resume and cover letters should focus more on your experience, skills, and achievements.  

However, if you must explain the reasons for your termination during the interview, it should be exactly what happened. Act intelligently and calmly as you redirect the discussion to your qualification and skills.  

Convince The Interviewer  

Convince The Interviewer

The interviewer may ask you why you left your previous job. Maintain honesty and provide accurate information. Also, you can bring up the issue even when the interviewer does not ask about it. You have to focus on the right timing as outlined above.

Sometimes, economic factors lead to an employee’s termination. Such factors include mergers, downsizing, and bankruptcy. If this had caused your termination, your employer wouldn’t take any extreme action against you.  

Conversely, if your previous employer had fired you for poor performance, the chances are that your prospective employer or the interviewer reject your application. We recommend speaking about your skills during the interview and not about your termination.  

For instance, if you had a clash with your manager, you can mention that you had a difference in opinions. Thus, you realized that you were not suitable for the position. Acknowledge your part in the termination regardless of the reason. The purpose is to convince the prospective employer that you are honest and truthful.  

Stay Positive  

Can employers find out if you were fired? Yes, they can. However, you need to stay positive during the interview. Describe your termination positively so that the interviewer or hiring manager acknowledges your confidence in your skills. Positivity increases your hiring chances.  

For example, if the previous company terminated you unreasonably for an argument between you and your manager, explain positively like this: “My previous employer laid me off due to a difference in opinion about work ethics and standards.”  


Employers can find out if you were fired by performing a thorough background check on you. Although background checks don’t reveal information about your termination, companies use different ways to discover the cause.

Even if your prospective employer comes to know about your termination, make sure you stay positive and maintain calm. Maintain confidence, keep your explanation brief, practice your responses, and redirect the conversation to your skills during the interview. Here are some of the interview questions you might be asked.

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