Can References be from the Same Company?

The Prepared Resume: Can job application references be from the same company

Many People ask when filling out job applications: can references be from the same company? In today's article, I will answer this question. Job references can play a crucial role in securing you a position in the company. Besides, they also help the HR team or employers determine whether you can meet the new role's requirements.

Job references improve a person's ability to find a new job. The reason is that most employers focus more on references instead of going through the entire resume. Before I answer the main question, I want to give you some essential information. Read on!

What is the importance of references in getting a job?

Research shows that references are still an essential recruitment factor in 2021. The Wall Street Journal even published a piece of earlier this year articulating how references can serve as a sanity check for hiring managers. The primary reason is that references validate or invalidate your job experience and the skills you have mentioned in the resume. So, employers can still get a lot of insights from references.

Employers and hiring managers contact your references to determine whether you can accomplish the job goals and play a productive role. That's why I recommend choosing your references carefully before you apply for jobs. These can make a massive impact on your employment or career. Therefore, choose wisely. Some of the critical benefits of job references for employers include:

  • A better understanding of your capabilities
  • Reducing the risk a company takes while hiring
  • Documenting the information shared
  • Reach out to references and cross-verify details

The practical result of selecting the proper references in your resume that reflect your experience and skills means you will have increase chances of getting hired. Thus, references play a crucial role in strengthening your position for getting the job.

Can references be from the same company?

The use of references for getting a job varies from situation to situation. For instance, if you haven't worked in multiple companies, you can get references from the same company. However, I would recommend you select these references from different departments.

The purpose is to bring diversity to your resume and streamline the recruitment process. The general rule of thumb is to include at least three references in your resume. On the other hand, if you haven't had employment previously you can use references from other areas of your life such as college or university's faculty members.

Bear in mind that HR departments or the hiring supervisor will call your references during the screening process. They will contact the references and ask about your employment history, skills, qualifications, and experience. Again, the purpose of checking references is ultimately assist in the decision to determine whether you are the right fit for the job.

Now, allow me to answer the question directly: It does not matter whether you include multiple references from the same company. Yes, you can have references from the same company.

The important thing is authenticity. If your references validate your work experience and skills, you are good to go.

Are close connection references worth it?

References in your resume can make or break your chances of getting employment. If you pick poor references it can obviously hurt your chances of getting the job. Therefore, it is essential you include references that convince your potential employers to call and learn about you.

Since we want to chose references that will speak well of us, inevitably this question comes up: Are close connection references worth it? Most of the time and in most circumstances, the answer is no, close connection references are not worth using. even recommends to NEVER use a family member as a reference. This is because HR departments assume your family members cannot provide objective views about your experience and qualification. Therefore, do not use family members as references.

But what about friends? Should you use close friends as references? Indeed you can include your friends or roommates as references in your resume. However, if you have not worked with them, do not use them as a reference! Again, please tread carefully with this. The most important piece to keep in mind when listing references is to ensure you are honest about your references. Do not provide references if the HR department does not ask for them.

How to request a reference letter?

The first step is to decide on the people you want to serve as job references. Second, you need to ask your references to actually serve as your reference. DO NOT PUT SOMEONE DOWN AS A REFERENCE IF YOU HAVEN'T INFORMED THEM. It is NOT a good scenario when a potential employer checks your reference and the reference is not expecting the call. That's terrible and poor communication on your part if you do that. Thirdly, write a letter to them, email to them, text them, send them a message in a bottle. Anything, just make sure you ask their permission to put their names as references in your resume.

The obvious purpose is to avoid surprises when a potential employer contacts your references. When these people are aware of your actions, they can actually prepare themselves and provide the best reference possibly by providing the relevant information to the employer.

Conclusion and a Sample Reference Letter Request

I have already answered: can references be from the same company. And that answer is clearly, yes.

But I believe it would be valuable to provide you with a quick, sample email to show you how to request a reference letter.

Dear Michael,

I am applying for a software engineering position in ABC company. So, I would like to include your name as a reference. We have worked together for three years and I believe you know exactly the right information to provide about me because you know about my work abilities and performance. Therefore, I think you are the perfect person to provide a positive reference as I need a job reference letter to include with my job application. I would be very appreciative and thankful if you would be able to write a job reference for me. The closing date of the application is “06-08-2021.” Please email the letter to me before this date.

Apply This Knowledge:

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